Farmers aren’t so Jolly

BOSTON Indoorv Bowls League round-up...

The Mill Division One

JOLLY Farmers found it tough going against Eastenders.

The Enders skips established big leads early on and Matt Whyers and Paul Flatters secured wins of 24-8 and 23-16.

Second-placed A40 had a bye week, enabling Holland Fen to leapfrog them after beating Highflyers.

Skip Keith French won 16-14 while Bazza Wilson, Alex Tomlin and Ab French succeeded 41-6 for a clean sweep.

Kirton Town fell heavily. John Swain lost 30-8 to Royal Mail’s Keith Sharp and Stuart Van Beirendonck fell 23-11 to Keith Thorlby.

The big surprise of the week was Carlton Road’s defeat to Invaders.

Rob McDonald, John Spencer and Ian Tebbs won 15-14 as George Phillips, Pete Hoyles and Scott Whyers added a 24-21 score.

IBC picked up their first maximum points haul with a success against Freelanders. Mick Asplen and Richard White won 21-11 and 19-17.

Results: Jolly Farmers 24 (0) Eastenders 47 (6), Kirton Town 19 (0) Royal Mail 53 (6), Carlton Road 35 (0) Invaders 39 (6), IBC 40 (6) Freelanders 28 (0), Halfpints 20 (0) Holland Fen 57 (6).

T&B Containers Ltd Division Two

STROLLERS - playing a double week - picked up 12 points.

Matched against Amateurs, Alan Everitt and Alex Seaton won 22-20 and 29-7.

The second game was against the Crowns and, once again, Alex produced a winning scorecard of 19-14 while Mick Hippisley secured the rest of the points with a win of 23-13.

It was a tough week for the Crowns, also on a double fixture, as they could only pick up one point.

Against Parthians, Peter Copeland fell 20-12 to Pete Bedford and Sandra Copeland tied 16-16 with Keith Nix.

They also lost all the points to Strollers.

Leaders Punchbowlers produced another maximum points win - skips Tony Bush and Jeff Skelton winning 25-13 and 34-8 - and they are looking very comfortable at the top.

Feathers and Norprint shared the rink points, but it was the Printers team who won the extra points thanks to a good result from skip Tony Hall (23-13).

This surpassed the reply from Keith Posey, who won 16-13.

Swineshead proved to strong for the Golfers, Tony Ballard and Fred Scrupps winning 20-12 and 23-13.

Breakaways versus Patriarchs was very close, the aggregate points going to Patriarchs thanks to Alan Woods picking up a count of five on the penultimate end to swing the points in Patriarchs favour with a win of 24-12.

For Breakaways, Ivan Dilley replied 19-11.

Results: Strollers 51 (6) Amateurs 27 (0), Feathers 29 (2) Norprint 36 (4), Breakaways 31 (2) Patriarchs 35 (4), Swineshead 43 (6) Golfers 25 (0), Parthians 36 (5) Crowns 28 (1), Punchbowlers 59 (6) Boston Park 21 (0), Crowns 27 (0) Strollers 42 (6).

Cammacks Division Three

POACHERS, Shipmates, Sibsey and Highflyers all won maximum points.

Poachers - matched against Central - won 26-9 and 20-12.

Shipmates’ Stan Smalley and John Bristow won 19 -12 and 18-8 against Hotspurs.

Sibsey defeated the Fairways with skips Harold Best and Alan Dunnett winning 20-10 and 25-10.

Highflyers had a tough game against the Burtons, but they were up for it and skips Anthony Tabor and Eric Lewis secured wins of 23-19 and 27-10.

BBC versus the Vikings saw the rink points shared.

For the Vikings, Janet Loughran, Ray Loughran and Pete Jacklin won 18-12.

Replying for BBC, Edna Priestley, Pat Morrissey and Ted Vere won 28-11 for the additional points.

Traders picked up their first points of the season.

Matched against highflying Autos, Barrie Hudson, Maurice Harding and Sid Coultan won 19-14 for two valuable points.

Replying for the Autos, Daniel Harrison, Anthony Townsend and Derek Butwright succeeded 18-11.

Results: Poachers 46 (6) Central 21 (0), BBC 40 (4) Vikings 29 (2), Traders 30 (2) Autos 32 (4), Hotspurs 20 (0) Shipmates 35 (6), Sibsey 45 (6) Fairways 20 (0), Burtons 29 (0) Highflyers 50 (6).