Fenmen are halfway there

Les Feary helped skip Carlton Road to success.
Les Feary helped skip Carlton Road to success.

As the Boston Indoor Bowls League reaches its halfway point, Holland Fen are currently holding a three-point lead in Division One.

A 24-11 from M. Tomlin was good enough to beat J. Cammack’s close 19-16 reply as the Fenmen beat A40 4-2.

Second-placed Eastenders earned the same scoreline against Jolly Farmers, an 18-9 from M. Whyers was just enough to better J. Maury’s 17-11.

Jolly Farmers beat Royal Mail 5-1 (J. Moore 25-11, with J. Maury and K. Thorlby drawing 21-21), before the Mail suffered a 6-0 defeat to Carlton Road (L. Feary 20-14, G. Parker 22-10).

Invaders beat Half Pints 4-2 after a thumping 30-13 from S. Whyers easily beat the close 22-20 reply from M. Brown, and struggling Swineshead lost 4-2 to their nearest rivals IBC, a 17-15 from F. Scrupps not enough after a 22-13 reply from M. Asplen.

The only team to register a 6-0 win in the top half of Division Two were leaders Norprint, who beat The Crowns (B. Kenny, G. Taylor and J. Nicholson 31-4, T. Hall 16-13).

Golfers beat Breakaways 4-2, N. Ablard’s 32-9 bettering J. Stevens’ 18-7 reply.

Punchbowlers leapfrogged third-placed Parthians after beating them 5-1, T. Bush winning 16-13 and an 18-18 shared between I. Drury and P. Sharp.

Poachers also scored a 5-1 result, beating Amateurs as M. Dodes won 18-14 and J. Sellars and P. Weaver drew 18-18.

Feathers beat Patriarchs 6-0 (I. Smith 19-15, G. Dawson 17-14) and Strollers were beaten by Boston Park, A Everitt’s 22-11 just a couple short of R. Patchet’s 25-11.

In Division Three, Hotspurs beat Shipmates 4-2, A. Hughes’ 17-9 beating the close 14-12 reply from W. Parker.

Fairways just lost out 4-2 to Central, C. Nundy’s 17-13 just a couple short of M. Nicholls’ 21-15 reply.

Taking advantage of those dropped two points were The Burtons who had a solid 6-0 over Vikings (C. Hill 16-10, D. Bailey 17-11), and move two points clear again at the top.

Sibsey beat Traders 6-0 (A. Dunnett 29-12, S. Bridges 15-14), BBC pipped U3 by the same score (T. Vere 19-12, B. Mortlock 20-19).

High Flyers earned a 4-2 win over The Autos, a 24-15 from B. Trigg beating the 18-13 reply from G. Slack.