Flies on fire! Boston Netball League results

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Latest results from the Boston Netball League...

League A: Fireflies 20 BUNC Amber 12 (players’ players: Hayley Pycock, Vicky Ansell), Bullettes Purple 29 Boston Blue Sox 10 (Sam Sillett, Mei-Lin Roberts), BUNC Black 27 Bullettes Black 22 (Caroline Nixon, Caroline Baxter), Fusion 39 BUNC White 5 (Jo Shinkin, Emily Jakeman).

League B: Flinders Flyers 44 Flexi-Belles Sensations 2 (Sarah Clarke, Paige Anderson), Flexi-Belles Hearts 27 The Royals 15, The Giles Academy 26 Fenland Vixens 5.