Grant helps kids to grapple with judo

BOSTON Judo Club have been taking the Olympic sport to the people of Boston.

A £500 grant from the Colin Batts Family Trust enabled the club to host a session at Kirton’s Middlecott School for 66 children.

This was followed up by open sessions for youngsters of primary and secondary school ages in the summer holidays.

The success of the events has seen some children coming back on club nights, looking to take the sport further.

Sessions were taught by British Judo Association qualified club coaches Dave Jacklin and Richard Gregory, and helped by Dave Lovelace and Jordon Gregory, all black belts within the club.

“Thanks to the Grant, 77 children have tried Olympic judo,” Jacklin said.

“This is why such grants are important to grass roots clubs.

“Some children do not know they are good or enjoy a sport until they have tried it.

“Generous grants such as the Colin Batts Family Trust one offer a school or club a chance to involve children in a sport.

“In many cases this is at a reduced fee, in some cases even free.

“Boston Judo Club has seen a marked interest in new members following schools judo involvement and taster sessions.”

Jacklin added: “Olympic Judo is a minority sport and not for everyone, getting children coming to try judo is what we are all about.

“Who knows where or when the next Olympic champion will start?

“He or she could easily now be in the system thanks to such grants.

“Grass roots sports need all the help they can get.”

Anyone wishing to try judo at Boston Judo Club can come on practice evenings on Mondays and Thursdays (7–8pm juniors, 8–9pm seniors).

Juniors are aged seven-15 and seniors are 16 years of age and above.

Otherwise, log on to or email

Boston Judo Club can be found in the Boston Conservative Club, Main Ridge West, Boston.