Harsley and Chalet book their places in Westwood Lakes’ £1,000 final

PAUL Harsley won the Tuesday Open at Westwood Lakes.

Gregor Chalet won the Sunday event.

Both have now booked their places in the final of the £1,000 match - to be held later this year.

Tom Wilson won the Over 50s Open on Tuesday.


Tuesday Open: 1 Paul Harsley 121lb 8oz, 2 Steve Lane 94lb 10oz, 3 Mark Rodgers 81lb 10oz.

Sunday Open: 1 Gregor Chalet 86lb, 2 Mick Stamp 76lb 14lb, 3 Jimmy Brooks 61lb 6oz.

Thursday Over 50s Open: 1 Tom Wilson 84lb 12oz, 2 Paul Harsley 82lb 14oz, 3 John Holmes 74lb 9oz.

Angel Taxis Junior Match: 7-12 years - 1 William Nuttel 35lb 4oz, 2 Dylan Morgan 31lb 2oz, 3 Joe Cridland 31lb; 13-16 years - 1 Chris Wheedon 52lb, 2 Andrew Wilkinson 35lb, 3= A.B. Zidani and Brandon Smith 26lb.

To fish open matches, book by calling 01205 724162.