Hill and Wood aid county’s success

Boston and District Table Tennis competitors Brian Hill and Derek Wood helped Lincolnshire veterans defeat Cheshire Seconds and Nottinghamshire last week.

The duo played their part in a 7-3 victory over Cheshire and a 6-4 success against Nottinghamshire in the Over 60s County Championships.

Meanwhile, in the league’s Yates and Greenhough Division One, Pete Evans helped Wrangle A defeat Lodgers B 7-3, winning his three.

Dave Coulson (two), Dan Cooper (one) and the doubles rounded off the win.

Two-man Lodgers G won 7-3 at Graves Park A, with Kelvin Clements and Mark Hulme finishing unbeaten.

Graham Lacey (three), Colin Brell (one) and Ian Stones (one), just helped Lodgers E win 6-4 at Stickney.

Graves Park D beat Graves Park C 8-2.

Graham Walters won his side’s two points - against Martin Walters and Mick East.

Results: Wrangle A 7 Lodgers B 3, Graves Park A 3 Lodgers G 7, Stickney 4 Lodgers E 6, Graves Park C 8 Graves Park D 2.