Is defeat the End for Fenmen’s bowls charge?

Mick Tomlin.
Mick Tomlin.

League leaders Eastenders recorded a 4-2 victory over close rivals Holland Fen in the Boston Indoor Bowls League.

Keith Tointon, Simon Reeson and Paul Flatters picked up the aggregate points, while Mick Tomlin skipped his Fen rink to two points.

Also in the Mill Inn Division One, third-placed Carlton Road beat fourth-placed A40 6-0, Invaders won 4-2 against IBC, Freelanders went down 4-2 to Jolly Farmers and Halfpints took a much needed 4-2 win over Royal Mail.

Captain Mick Hippisley put in a match winning 27-7 score but Tony Ballard’s 20-16 success held up the leader’s progress.

Other results saw Punchbowlers win 6-0 against Patriarchs, Golfers miss the chance to go third as Breakaways won 4-2, Parthians lose 4-2 to Amateurs, Feathers beat Crowns 6-0 and Boston Park get beyond Norprint 6-0.

In the Cammacks Division Three, Poachers continue their relentless march towards Division Two, beating Hotspurs 6-0.

Sibsey lost 4-2 against Central, Autos won 6-0 against The Burtons, Highflyers beat Vikings 4-2, Traders beat Shipmates t6-0 and Fairways edged out BBC 4-2.