Lane and Blenchley are top rods

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Angling results from Westwood Lakes...

Tuesday Open: 1 Steve Lane 74lbs 14oz, 2 Dave Daniels 73lbs 10oz, 3 Paul Oglesbee 62lbs 8oz, 4 Matthew Hassle 44lbs 10oz.

Thursday Over 50s Open: 1 Steve Bulbeck 44lbs, 2 Brian Thomson 31lbs 2oz, 3 Ken Clark 29lbs 4oz, 4 Bill Whitworth 29lbs.

Sunday Open: 1 Mike Blenchley 58lbs 8oz, 2 Jim Chamberlain 54lbs 14oz, 3 Kevin Wodge 47lbs 3oz, 4 Tom Wilson 38lbs 3oz.