Lane angles second spot

BOSTON’S Steve Lane just missed out on the top prize in the Westwood Lakes £1,000 match.

Steve Winters was the eventual winner.

Forty-eight county anglers qualified for the two-day match this weekend.

Day one saw Lane win on Skylark Lake and Rick Tweddle win on Kestrel Lake.

The second day saw anglers swap lakes. Spike Milligan won on Skylark and Boston’s Craig Butterfield came out on top on Kestrel.

RESULTS: Overall – 1 Steve Winters, 2 Steve Lane, 3 Ian Shaw, 4 Mark Griggs, 5 Mick Stamp, 6 Gavin Butler; Day One (Skylark) – 1 Steve Lane, 2 Tom Parkin, 3 Mick Stamp; (Kestrel) – 1 Rick Tweddle, 2 Gus Garrett, 3 Steve Winters; Day Two (Skylark) – 1 Spike Milligan, 2 Mark Griggs, 3 Steve Winters; (Kestrel) – 1 Craig Butterfield, 2 Adam Playford, 3 Sean Higginbottom.

This week’s fixtures include a Thursday Over 50s match, Sunday Open match and Tuesday Open match.

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