Mick and Steve in the £1,000 final

VENUE regular Mick Stamp and Steve Lane are the latest anglers to book their place in next month’s £1,000 match on Westwood Lakes.

The duo both qualified for the final after winning heats this week.

Results: Sunday £1,000 qualifier - 1 Mick Stamp 82lb 02oz, 2 Rob Morris 73lbs 2oz, 3 Jimmy Brooks 68lbs, 4 Boris Kilmer 63lbs 12oz, 5 Adam Playford 62lbs 12oz.

Tuesday £1,000 qualifier - 1 Steve Lane 67lbs 08oz, 2 John Gooden 58lbs 12oz, 3 Clive Wheeler 54lb 02oz.

Wednesdays junior open saw Adam Swain and Ted Wheeler take the plaudits.

Results: 7-12 years - 1 Ted Wheeler 37lbs 9 oz, 2 Brady 29lb 04oz; 13-16 years - 1 Adam Swain 54lbs 09oz, 2 Ben Eliding 40lbs.

John Gooden was top angler in this week’s over 50s match.

Results: 1 John Gooden 68lbs 10oz, 2 Brian Thompson 56lbs 08oz, 3 Ron Roberts 42lbs 10oz.

This week’s fixtures include the Tuesday and Sunday qualifiers.

Wednesday will see the junior match at Westwood Lakes and Thursday will be the over 50s event.

On Monday there will also be an open event.

For prices, times and details call Alex on 07846 769003.