New year heralds plenty of shocks

THERE have been plenty of upsets in the indoor bowls league, ater it resumed after the festive break.

BOSTON Ladies have progressed in the national Yetton Plate contest.

Facing Scunthorpe, they won 89-67.

Their next game is against South Forest on January 19.

Ball House Division One

l Holland Fen 21 (0) Eastenders 54 (6): THE top-of-the-table clash saw leaders Eastenders take the points from their closest rivals.

Tony Powell, Jonathan West and Paul Flatters strolled home 37-5 and Keith Tointon, Adrian Field and Ian Clark snatched it 16-17.

l Woodhall 17 (0) Cosmos 70 (6): COSMOS moved in to second spot with a comprehensive win against Woodhall. Skips Wayne Phoenix and Les Feary were successful 38-5 and 32-12.

l Royal Mail 30 (1) Stumpers 32 (5): ROCK-bottom Stumpers earned their first win of the season as they got the better of Royal Mail.

Stumpers’ Gerry Myers, Dennis Robins and Mick Dodes won 14-12 while Margaret Bycroft, Tony Ballard and Ken Bycroft tied 18-18.

l IBC 45 (6) Invaders 30: IBC pulled off another shock, the second-bottom side beating Invaders.

Dennis Ellis, John Sivill and Richard White won 21-17 and Ray Reeson, Derek Smith and Ted Bourne succeeded 24-12.

l Jolly Farmers 33 (0) Freelanders 41 (6): MID-table Jolly Farmers and Freelanders saw the latter win.

Skips Stan Lawrence and Jeff Nicholson won of 19-17 and 22-16.

l A40 29 (2) Carlton Road 34 (4): FOURTH-placed A40 were favourites to beat Carlton Road, but had to settle for two points as Jean Cammack won 12-8.

Replying for the Road, Gordon Harris, Chris Gill and Roy Vinter picked up a last-gasp count of four to succeed 22-11.

T & B Containers Division Two

l Halfpints 47 (6) Swineshead 33 (0): THE second division was full of surprises as the top four all fell, and only Strollers picked up a solitary point.

Leaders Swineshead fell to third-from-bottom Halfpints, who saw Debbie Cunningham, Craig Cunningham and Brian Sansam win 28-16 and Becci Reeson, Sandra McDonald and Tina Reeson succeed 19-17.

l Kirton 28 (0) Parthians 46 (6): SECOND-placed Kirton Town fell to second-from-bottom Parthians. Maggie and Stuart Van-Beirendonck, with Keith Nix, won 26-14, while Mary Cowham, Pauline Atkin and Pete Bedford succeeded 20-14.

l Norprint 38 (6) Golfers 35 (0): THE Golfers, in third, fell in a closely-contested game.

Norprints skips Barry Barton and Chris Avison earned wins of 18-17 and 20-18.

l Feathers 43 (5) Strollers 37 (1): STROLLERS, in fourth, were matched against fifth-placed Feathers.

For Feathers, Mick Hippisley tied 24-24 and Derek Hunn triumphed 19-13.

l Boston Park 29 (0) Parthians 44 (6): PATRIARCHS claimed all the points from Boston Park, as skips Alan Bristow and Alan Woods won 17-14 and 25-15.

l Punchbowlers 37 (4) Breakaways 34 (2): THE PUNCHBOWLERS won the lion’s share of the points as Steve Skelton won 24-13.

Breakaways replied through Pauline Richardson’s 21-13.

Division Three

l Crowns 39 (4) Autos 34 (2): TOP team the Crowns were involved in a close game against the Autos - and did enough to come out on top.

Crowns skip Peter Copeland won 29-11 while, replying for the Autos, Graham Slack won 23-10.

l Burtons 37 (0) Amateurs 42 (6): IN THE second berth, Amateurs were matched against the Burtons.

Amateurs were grateful to skip Barbara Bainbridge, who put in a good performance to win 23-19, as Mick Greet eased home 19-18.

l Sibsey 35 (4) Highflyers 28 (2): SIBSEY surprised third-placed Highflyers when they gained an overall win. Katie Tointon, Lee Archer and Harold Best put in an excellent performance to take the aggregate with a win of 23-7.

Replying for the Flyers, Eric Lewis fell short of what was required when winning 21-12.

l Vikings 37 (6) Shipmates 16 (0): THE Vikings versus Shipmates game went to the former on both rinks. Skips Ralph Sawer and Pete Jacklin were successful 14-11 and 23-5.

l Traders 17 (0) Central 35 (6): TRADERS found it tough going against mid-table Central and finished pointless.

Centrals skips Brian Hunn and Fred Epton had successes of 16-9 and 19-8.

l BBC 41 (6) Fairways 22 (0): BBC won against higher-placed Fairways. Skips David May and Bill Mortlock won with plenty to spare, 21-9 and 20-13.