Parker’s finishing proves the difference in darts league

Boston Standard

ADY Parker’s finishing proved the difference as he beat Harry Lee 4-0 in the Boston Standard Premier Division of the Individual Darts League.

Deb Royal earned a 4-2 success over Paul Grainger.

A tight clash saw Andy Cammack throw 170, 140 and check with a 17-darter to beat Mick Flynn 4-3.

Darren Aucote beat Harry Lee 4-1 while Mark Simpson checked better to beat Kev Lenton 4-2.

Dave Hasnip took the first leg with a 12-darter, later hitting a 180, but it was opponent Darren Aucote who won 4-1.

Hasnip learned his lesson though, hitting a second 180 as he beat Andy Cammack 4-0.


Lincs Racing Division Two: Rob Miles 4 Ben Leadbetter 2, Jimmy Birtwhistle 4 George Martin 1, Rob Scrupps 4 Daz Blythe 0, Matt Grant 4 George Martin 0.

John Smith’s Division Three: Mel Leadbetter 3 Tina Willacombe 0, Dennis Turner 0 Angie Upsall 3, Emma Grant 3 Liz Chapman 0, Liz Chapman 3 Di Hunt 0, John Vear 3 Suzie Watson 0, Sophie Marston 3 Tina Willacombe 0, Amy Jackson 3 Mel Leadbetter 1, Bob Birtwhistle 3 Amy Jackson 2.