Phillips and Brumpton book places in Westwood Lakes £1,000 final

CHRIS Phillips and Mick Brumpton are the latest anglers to win rounds of the £1,000 qualifiers at Westwood Lakes.


Tuesday Open: 1 Chris Phillips 76lbs 08oz, 2 Ron Buckley 70lbs 08oz, 3 Steve Lane 52lbs 13oz.

Sunday Open: 1 Mick Brumpton 87 lbs 02oz, 2 Tony Evans 86lbs 12oz, 3 Baz Bright 84lbs 12oz.

Thursday Over 50s match: 1 Paul Halibone 83lbs 12oz, 2 Paul Oglesbee 62lbs, 3 John Gooden 57lbs.

To fish open matches call 01205 724162.