Polished pigeons perform

TWO Polish members of Boston Central Racing Pigeon Club are keeping the established stars on their toes this summer.

Marek Kula has been a winner in the past and featured in the result at 10th and 11th in the third young bird race from Bubwith, but it is his young colleague, and interpreter D. Pelka, who is setting the pace.

He won Saturday’s race and was also third, fourth, ninth and 12th.

Squeezing into second place was last week’s winning partnership of Carl Upsall and Trevor Frost.

The fastest pigeon into Boston, however, was the one that won Boston and District Flying Club, and belonged to Russ and Denise Skinner – also first past the post last week.

The race should have been from Newton Aycliffe, but bad weather on Saturday in the north of the country dictated the decision to make it from a shorter distance.

Bubwith III results:

Boston and District (8-188): 1 and 2 Mr and Mrs R. Skinner 1328 and 1327, 3 Mr and Mrs B. Garnham 1305, 4 Hardy, Troops, Burt and Son 1298, 5 Mr and Mrs Garnham 1286, 6 Gough and Reed 1225, 7 Mr and Mrs E. Attwater 1198, 8 Mr and Mrs R. Skinner 1179, 9 and 10 Hardy, Troops, Burt and Son 1177 and 1175, 11 and 12 R. Knight and Family 1141.651 (2).

Boston Central RPC (12-358): 1 D. Pelka 1329, 2 Upsall and Frost 1326, 3 and 4 D. Pelka 1322 and 1320, 5, 6 and 7 Mr and Mrs B Garnham 1288, 1287 and 1284, 8 G. and C. Edwards 1238, 9 D. Pelka 1214.656, 10 and 11 Marek Kula 1214.182 and 1213, 12 D. Pelka 1212.