Reesons to be cheerful at Boston Indoor Bowls Club

LATEST results from the Boston Indoor Bowls Club’s leagues and competitions...


FATHER-and-son Liam and Andrew Reeson won the Star of India 4-3-2-1 competition.

The indoor bowls season’s curtain-raiser is a pairs event, where top division players can only team up with players from the lower tiers.

The Reesons beat newcomer Howard Williams and Paul Flatters 57-43.

This followed on from their semi-final victory over previous winners Jean Cammack and Di Wilson (65-55).

The Mill Division One

THE performance of the week in the top division saw promoted Halfpints beat IBC.

Putting in a star performance were Becci Reeson, Carol Dowse and Mark Brown who were convincing winners 32-5.

IBC captain Richard White replied with a win of 25-12.

Kirton Town were also promoted and the old hands in the top division did well to secure two points from a strong Carlton Road, who have added Sue Simpson-Shaw and Les Feary to their squad.

For Town, John Swain won 16-15, but Feary’s rink replied 26-7.

Jolly Farmers snatched an overall win against Royal Mail thanks to Joe Moore, who picked up a last end count of three.

It was one better than the two points skip Keith Thorlby scored for the Mail.

Last year’s champions Eastenders, A40 and favourites Holland Fen all picked up maximum points against Invaders, Freelanders and Kirton Town respectively.

Results: Kirton Town 21 (2) Carlton Road 41 (4), Royal Mail 29 (2) Jolly Farmers 30 (4), Eastenders 53 (6) Invaders 24 (0), IBC 30 (2) Halfpints 44 (4), A40 38 (6) Freelanders 26 (0), Holland Fen 49 (6) Kirton Town 24 (0).

T & B Containers

Ltd Division Two

THE Crowns and Amateurs are no strangers to Division Two - and back in the division they will find points hard to win.

Amateurs did the better of the two this week when they picked up two points from Norprint.

Olive Fenner, Jim Fenner and Mick Greet won 18-12, while Dave France, Barbara Kenny and Chris Avison won 27-11 to earn the Printers the aggregate points.

The Crowns had a difficult opening game against Swineshead, the latter taking all the points with skips Tony Ballard and Freddie Scrupps winning 27-11 and 27-14.

Breakaways did not need the help of their new signings to see off Strollers, skips Gordon Gallichan and John Stevens succeeding 23-12 and 28-16.

Feathers, the favourites for the title Punchbowlers and the Golfers all picked up maximum points.

Patriarchs Parthians and Boston Park respectively all finished on the losing side.

Results: Breakaways 51 (6) Strollers 28 (0), Patriarchs 30 (0) Feathers 35 (6), Norprint 39 (4) Amateurs 29 (2), Parthians 27 (0) Punchbowlers 42 (6), Swineshead 54 (6) Crowns 25 (0), Boston Park 28 (0) Golfers 39 (6).

Division Three

THE open days Boston Indoor Bowls Club held last season have born fruit with a new team starting life in the bottom division.

The Hotspurs aced a tough opening game against the Fairways.

Sandra West Howard Williams and Alan Hughes just missed out on winning the aggregate points when they produced a winning scorecard of 25-7.

Relying for the Fairways, skip Carol Nundy was successful 24-4.

Favourites to lift the title, the Poachers, won very convincingly 30-9 and 41-6 against Traders.

Autos and Highflyers also picked up maximum points as opposition BBC and Shipmates were always playing catch up.

Vikings and Central shared the rink points, with Central’s Malc Nichols ensuring the extra points (18-10).

Sibsey and the Burtons also shared the rink points in a high-scoring game, the Burtons winning the additional aggregate points by a one-shot margin

Results: Highflyers 45 (6) Shipmates 30 (0), Traders 15 (0) Poachers 71 (6), Autos 33 (6) BBC 21 (0), Vikings 27 (2) Central 33 (4), Sibsey 39 (2) Burtons 40 (4), Hotspurs 29 (2) Fairways 31 (4).