SPORT FROM THE PAST: Numbers were down, but ‘slog’ record was broken

Boston Town in 1990.
Boston Town in 1990.

Six hardy members of Boston Swimming Club braved the Witham for their annual ‘slog’ - a gruelling mile-long effort down Boston’s river.

The year was 1963, and six club swimmers put their names forward to compete in the patchy - ‘cool in parts and warm in others’ - waters.

It doesn’t sound like something many of us would look forward to, or even consider attempting.

But for veteran Cliff Bradley, it was an event to remember.

Not only did Cliff win the event, but he also broke the event record (sadly, The Standard didn’t publish his time).

The event’s runner-up was 16-year-old Colin Gerrard.

The first woman home was club secretary June Holmes, who swam backstroke for the entire mile.

The number of entrants in the now-defunct event were dwindling, with one less taking part than in 1962.

However, those brave souls who took part were Bradley, Gerrard, Holmes, B. Townsend, Jennifer Chester and E. Nicholson.

Despite the low turnout, times were faster than normal.