Swineshead score high but can’t earn bowls victory

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LATEST results from the Coningsby Bowls League...

Powell Trophy

SWINESHEAD were beaten by Heckington.

The hosts took two rinks in a high-scoring game to record a 64-50 finish.

Division One

SIBSEY Millers, at home to Friskney A, had a tight finish but just won on two rinks.

But with captain A.Woods and his rink going down 19-22 on the third, it finished 54-54 (5-3).

Forbes Road A had three good rink wins at home to Sleaford Road A, with skips Tony Hall, B. Barton and D. Toyton in form to give a 73-39 (8-0) result.

Castle had an equally good win at home to West End, with Stan Avison and his rink winning 24-15 to give a 63-39 (8-0) finish.

Woodhall Town put up a good fight at home to Mareham le Fen, with K. Robinson, Denis Hoyes and R. Dales winning 30-17.

But losing out on the other two gave a 56-58 (2-6) result.

Division Two

FREISTON, at home to Sibsey Strollers, won well 25-13 on one rink, but lost on the other two to give a 51-49 4-4 result, with away rinks skipped by Alan Dunnett and Kevin Bourne both winning by five shots.

A one-shot win each and the Wyatts with G. Knight winning the third handsomely 4-32 were the features of the 38-66 (2-6) win by Jubilee Park at Good Fellowship.

Division Three

HECKINGTON won well on two rinks at home to BBC II, who drew the match mainly with a 10-25 win by the rink of the Cunninghams and I. Green to finish 47-52 (4-4).

Freiston did well at home to BBC II.

Playing one man short they lost that rink 10-19, but won well on the other two to take the game 57-35 (6-2).

BBC I had two good wins at home to Stickney to give a 59-44 (6-2) result.

Kirton A put up stiff resistance at home to Heckington, winning a rink and tying another, but still going down 39-54 (3-5).

Division Four

A GOOD result for Sleaford Road, at home to Woodhall Nymphs, saw them register two good rink wins to give a 57-44 (6-2) result.

A close game at Forbes Road B, playing at home to Donington II, gave a 48-49 (4-4) result.

Horncastle were dominant as they earned a 74-34 (8-0) result at home to Wigtoft.

Division Five

SIBSEY Traders were at home to Bicker, but lost badly on all three to give a 32-74 (0-8) result.

Gosberton, at home to Kirton B, had three very good rink wins to give them a 79-23 (8-0) win.

Boston Park came unstuck at home to Friskney B, losing badly on two rinks to give a 43-55 (2-6) result.