The Machine makes it two wins from three

Earl Taylor.

Earl Taylor.

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Adrian ‘the Machine’ Marshall took his second win as he won round three of the Boston Wheelers 10-mile Time Trial League with a personal best of 22 mins 36 secs.

This week saw a serious challenge to Jeremy Hargreave’s course record of 22 mins 22 secs, which was only set seven days earlier.

James Hedley Smith of Clay Cross RT came within a whisker (22 mins 23 secs) of the top time.

There were also personal bests for three other Wheelers - Neil Coles, Reece Tomlin, and Earl Taylor (pictured).

Results: Adrian Marshall 22-36 (PB), Craig Thursby 23-19, Darren Smith 23-45, Earl Taylor 24-03 (PB), Martin White 24-06, Dan Carr 24-19, Charlie Porter 24-19, Neil Coles 24-32 (PB), Pete Flint 26-53, Nick Chapman 27-27, Chris Clayton 27-44, Reece Tomlin 27-54 (PB).

Private Trials: James Hedley Smith 22-23 (Clay Cross RT), Aidie Mackinder 23-38 (Cherry Valley RT), Gary Foreman 24-01 (Yello Velo), Oliver Fensom 24-39 (Fenland RC).

Saturday will be the latest meeting of Go-Ride - an event open for four-15-year-olds who are interested in cycling.

The event begins at the Peter Paine Sports Centre (10.30-11.30am).

The Wheelers meet on Tuesday evenings (6.30pm) on New Hamond Beck Road (alongside B&Q) and host Sunday morning rides from outside the town’s main Post Office (9am), with rides for all abilities.

For details search Boston Wheelers Cycling Club on Facebook.