PICTURE GALLERY: Town ‘looks better than last year’

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Boston’s chances of success in a national competition are blooming good... if what the judges had to say is anything to go by.

Britain in Bloom judges were taken on a tour of the town on Friday, starting at the Geoff Moulder Centre and taking in locations such as Fydell House, Custom House Quay, the Market Place and the area around The Stump

The tour finished at Boston West Academy, which has recently reached the top three in the schools version of the competition.

First judge Ian Cooke said: “I think we can confidently say we have had a wonderful morning and we have seen the town looking great, despite a little bit of rain, and the visit to the school has been exceptional.”

Second judge Diane Moore, who toured the town last year too, said: “There was a fantastic experience here last year and it is even better this year.”

Last year Boston received silver in the Britain in Bloom competition and was only one point off silver gilt.

Chairman of the steering group Alison Fairman said: “We’re delighted that it all came together today and it shows the strength of volunteering in Boston, because so many of the places that we visited today have been staffed and run by volunteers.”




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