Cinema Review: The Croods (U)

The Croods
The Croods

It’s so hard to bring something new to the animated movie party – but Dreamworks just about does that with its latest outing.

The Croods might ultimately lack the ingenuity that Pixar bring to the genre – but this wonderfully colourful adventure ticks most boxes.

It stars the world’s first prehistoric family, mainly centred around two Hollywood stars who seem to be in everything at the moment – Nicolas Cage as father and family protector Grug, and Spider-man’s Emma Stone as rebellious teen Eep.

When the cave they live in gets crushed, the knuckle-dragging family gets thrust out into a dangerously fantastical new world – changing their lives forever.

They then encounter an imaginative fire-making nomad called Guy (Ryan Reynolds) – complete with his comedy monkey belt (the film’s major comic relief).

To be honest, the first half an hour is a bit of a tedious bore, but when the characters start to spread their proverbial wings in this spectacular new world, it starts to have fun – if still in a fairly generic way.

But despite the paint-by-numbers script – and a seen-it-all-before ending – The Croods succeeds with its likeable cast led by Cage and Stone, leaving this to undoubtedly evolve into a successful new family franchise.