CINEMA REVIEW: White House Down (12A)

White House Down
White House Down

Despite director Roland Emmerich dicing up an entertaining actioner – it was stupid to release another White House-attacked-by-terrorists film.

It was released too close to Olympus Has Fallen – which was pound-for-pound better – and even though we’ve had two asteroid-hitting-earth (Armageddon and Deep Impact) and two volcano-eruption (Volcano and Dante’s Peak) films in close succession before without affecting one another, there’s only so much cinema-goers can take nowadays.

After my little rant, let’s get back to business. And that business is wannabe-secret service agent John Cale, who, with his daughter, gets embroiled in a terrorist attack by ex-paramilitary types.

In the same way Gerard Butler did in Olympus, Tatum works through the bad guys in appropriately eclectic fashion in an attempt to save the president.

And for the most part this is perfectly palatable fare from Emmerich, who after a decent hour or so opening can’t resist delving into his usual over-the-top action scenes that takes the film from possibly realistic to truly ludicrous.

It also takes far too long to reach the climax – complete with ‘naff’ twist ending – but Tatum and Foxx (if totally unbelievable in a presidential capacity) have an entertaining chemistry that keeps it the right side of watchable.