Fright Night (15) Review

Fright Night (15) Review by Boston Grammar School Student Joe Baxter

Fright Night is the remake of the ‘80s cult classic about a teenager named Charlie (Anton Yelcin) whose new next door neighbour Jerry (Colin Farrell) inconveniently turns out to be a vampire.

The premise does sound quite goofy but the film is surprisingly good, pushed forward by a smart and witty script.

It is accompanied by first class performances from Colin Farrell and David Tennant.

Fright Night, being a remake of an ‘80’s film, does feel much more like the excellent array of vampire films that were on showcase in the ‘80s and ‘90s, the most notable of these being the terrific ‘The Lost Boys’ and the magnificent ‘From Dusk til Dawn’.

In recent years however, vampire films (the most notable of which being Twilight) have dropped most of the bloodsucking, charismatic characters and fun out of the films and all that is left is one awful film.

Thankfully however, Fright night is absolutely brilliant, it uses the old vampire laws such as ‘Can’t be exposed to sunlight’ and ‘They can’t enter your house unless they are invited’.

These are all confronted with excellent dialogue and it must be said, that if it wasn’t for the brilliant chemistry between Yelcin and Farrell then the film would have lacked most of its impact.

The little bits of dialogue are what makes this movie great, such as when Charlie, now aware that Jerry is a vampire, awkwardly trying to avoid inviting him inside.

So all in all, while Fright Night doesn’t bring anything new towards the genre, it is strewn with charismatic characters, witty dialogue, and subtle humour.

Fright Night does pull us out of the terrible rut brought along by the Twilight movies and is a film that anyone can enjoy. HHHH

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