Inbetweeners film is a sell-out in Boston

ANYONE in Boston wanting a ticket to see latest British comedy The Inbetweeners film may well have been left feeling disappointed over the weekend.

The town’s West End Cinema sold out of tickets to the first four days viewings of the new film – only just missing out on the fifth.

The West Street venue, confirmed that the film, shown at its 253-seater screen two on Wednesday and Thursday and the 343-seater screen one since Friday had sold more than 3,145 tickets.

It was only 20 tickets short of a full Sunday showing.

Assistant manager Alan Warner said: “It’s been amazing. We thought it was busy but the response stopped just short of selling out.”

The film, an extended version of the British sitcom about four teenage boys revolves around them, now 18, going on holiday to Malia, Crete.

The latest Harry Potter film sold 5,300 tickets in its first week in Boston.

“It’s comparing pretty well,” added Alan.