The Smurfs review by Boston Grammar School student Joe Baxter

Whether you are familiar with their stories or not, it is without a doubt that you know who the Smurfs are, they are the little blue people who live inside giant mushrooms and are hunted by an evil sorcerer known as Gargamel.

So, for a Smurfs film what is the obvious thing to do? Take them to the Big Apple of course! (sarcasm intended)

Directed by the ‘brilliant’ (sarcasm yet again) mind who brought us Home Alone Three and Scooby Doo Two, we see six Smurfs transported to New York while being pursued by Gargamel.

The ‘ever so lucky’ (sarcasm) people who run into the Smurfs are an advertising campaign manager and his pregnant wife.

They must help the Smurfs get back to their own village while avoiding ‘hilarious’ (sarcasm again) encounters with Gargamel.

Apart from that, there is very little to say about this movie, it is poorly written, full of blatant product placement, unbelievable characters and worst of all – the Smurfs themselves.

They sing annoying songs and as someone above the age of five, I personally would have preferred Gargamel to catch them at the start and have the film over and done with.

So, if you have children from the age of five and below, they will love this movie.

But if you are a parent being dragged to see this movie, then good luck.