Raise a glass to Boston’s spirit

Resilience Ale
Resilience Ale

Friday, December 5, will mark the first anniversary of one of the worst days in Boston’s history - but also when the whole community came together.

It was the day the flood came and also the day the amazing resilience of the community of Boston came to the fore.

And that amazing community resilience is to be marked on Friday, December 5, with a special brew, Resilience Ale, from Bateman’s Brewery of Wainfleet, offered to readers at a special cut price.

Stories are now legend of the help given by total strangers to those worst affected. Younger neighbours rescued older neighbours, some whose language differences meant they could not even talk to one another leant a hand and an entire social media community sprang up to help overnight.

Council staff and those from partner agencies, such as police and fire and rescue and many charitable organisations, worked around the clock to deal with the devastation and the wreckage of the aftermath. An army of volunteers mopped up and removed flood-damaged carpets and furniture from sodden homes.

The clean-up, dry-out, repair and resettlement continued for many months, with some only recently returning to their flood-damaged homes. Throughout the months volunteers have kept the effort going – raising funds, supplying carpets and furniture and white goods.

Those back in their homes are now being urged to improve flood resilience. One of the ways they can do that is by signing up for the automatic flood warnings issued by the Environment Agency.

One of the worst-affected properties in the town centre on December 5 last year was Bateman’s Brewery’s Britannia Inn in Church Street. Customers helped staff keep the pub open despite the murky flood waters. And Bateman’s has teamed up with Boston Borough Council, East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council, the Environment Agency and the Boston Standard to mark the resilience of the town community and to encourage more in the flood risk area to sign up for flood warnings.

The brewery is producing a special Resilience Ale to mark the first anniversary in celebration of the resilience of the Boston community. It will go on offer on Friday, December 5, at the special cost price of just £1.50 a pint. Customers will have to present a completed cut-out coupon from the Boston Standard to qualify for their cut-price pint of Resilience Ale at participating pubs. This will make a commitment to sign up for the Environment Agency flood warnings, which are issued at times of high risk via landline, mobile phone, text and email.

Rachael McMahon, Environment Agency flood resilience advisor, said: “This is certainly a novel approach and we hope many more people will register for free flood warnings. Increasing registrations will help the town to build its ‘resilience’ towards any flooding in the future. Residents can make the most of the flood warning service by registering five ways to receive the warning, using home and mobile numbers and email addresses too – whatever suits them best. Do get in touch if you’d like to know more about becoming a flood warden in the town. You can play a crucial role to help raise awareness where you live.”

You don’t have to wait until December 5 to register for flood warnings, although toasting your good sense with a bargain-priced pint of premium ale is a good idea. You can use the Floodline number 0345 988 1188 and the website www.gov.uk/floodsdestroy to register for flood warnings and also complete personal flood plans for your home to help you know what to do if flooding is expected in the future.

Resilience Ale will be available at heavily-discounted £1.50 a pint, with a coupon cufrom this newspaper at the following pubs from 1.30pm on Friday, December 5:

Britannia, Church Street, Boston

Carpenters Arms, Witham Street, Boston

Coach and Horses, Main Ridge East, Boston

Duke of York, 7 Lincoln Lane, Boston

Indian Queen and Three Kings, Dolphin Lane, Boston

Kings Arms, Horncastle Road, Boston

Mill Inn, Spilsby Road, Boston

Napoleon, Fishtoft Road, Boston

Robin Hood, High Street, Boston

Ship Tavern, Customs House Lane, Boston