Theatre promises to ‘shake up’ line-up in 2014

Blackfriars Theatre
Blackfriars Theatre

Blackfriars Theatre is hoping to ‘shake up th programme a little bit’ in 2014 with a few new shows and changes to the lineup for the new year.

The Spain Lane venue’s season kicks off with an Eastern European duo on January 30.

Instrumenti, an electro indie pop band, has proven to be one of the most sought-after Baltic acts of the decades.

Theatre member Rob Barclay said: “We want to put some shows on for the Eastern European Community in Boston. They’re doing a gig in London and then coming to Boston to do a second gig which will hopefully be successful.”

Speaking about the plans for the new year he said: “It’s a very positive year and we’re in the process of trying to shakeup our programme a little bit.

“In the past we’ve tended to bunch up shows and because of that our ticket sales have suffered. So we’re trying to do fewer and bigger shows this year.”

Mr Barclay pointed to shows such as Dirty Dusting which features television stars Crissy Rock, Patt Dunn, Lea Bell and Jason Jones.

There will also be visits by a Michael Jackson tribute act , the Chuckle Brothers and psychics Derek Acorah and Tony Stockwell.

He said the ‘amateur’ groups will also be stepping up with BOS Musical Theatre performing Jesus Christ Superstar - one of the first companies to do so outside of church community groups following a relaxation of the licencing.

He added, if anyone had any shows they would like to see, they can contact the theatre.

For more information visit or call 01205 363108.