Boston’s Assembly Rooms nightclub to re-open after months of closure

Boston's Assembly Rooms.
Boston's Assembly Rooms.

A nightclub based in an historic building in Boston is set to open its doors to the public for the first time since the start of the year.

The Assembly Rooms, in the Market Place, will re-launch on Saturday, September 28, on a monthly basis after being closed since January.

It is based in the Grade II listed building of the same name, which also houses a number of commercial units on its ground floor.

In March, Matt Clark, the building’s owner and director of the Activ Group of Companies, told a Local Democracy Reporter that a decline in the town centre’s footfall had made it difficult to keep a venue of the size of the Assembly Rooms sustainable. He noted, however, the operation had been a success for the first four years of its life, and said he hoped the closure would not be a permanent one.

From this weekend, Untouched Entertainment will be staging monthly events at the venue, with the first called Twisted Wonderland.

A spokesman for the business said: “Twisted Wonderland is nothing anyone would have seen before in Boston unless they have been to a superclub somewhere.”

They said the nightclub will be ‘completely transformed’ with thousands of pounds worth of decor and lights and other equipment.

“This is a massive risk for us as the nighttime industry in this and many market towns has been in a massive decline over the last five years,” they added. “But hopefully by bringing something amazing and on a new level we might re-ignite the nightlife passion of Boston people. You have to take that risk and bring something new to the table.”