Have your say on Viking Link cabling route?

An example of undersea cabling work.
An example of undersea cabling work.

Your views are wanted on routes for a proposed electricity cable link between Denmark and the UK after it comes ashore in Lincolnshire.

Following public consultation, National Grid Viking Link Ltd (NGVL) today (Monday, August 22) announced that it is looking to bring the undersea cables ashore next to Sandilands Golf Club.

The company also announced its preferred site for a converter station, which modifies the current between direct and alternating, at North Ing Drove, near Donington.

Now NGVL is looking at potential options for a route to take the two underground cables between the landing point on the coast to the preferred converter station site.

On September 5, NGVL will launch a six-week public consultation asking people for their views on where the cables should go and design options for the converter station.

The project team will consult people on ‘cable route corridors’ – one-kilometre- wide strips of land within which a specific route for the cables could be identified.

Oliver Wood, National Grid Viking Link project director, said: “Local opinion played an important part in deciding where to bring the cables ashore and the location for the converter station.

“We selected these sites after carefully considering all the information provided by local people during our public consultation in the spring, along with environmental and technical information.

“Both sites were chosen because it was felt they offered the best opportunities to minimise disturbance to local communities and the environment.

“Now we would urge people to have their say in helping us to find the best route for the two underground cables.”

The consultation will include a series of public consultation events. Details below:

- Bicker Village Hall - Wednesday, September 7, 2-8pm

- Grange and Links Hotel, Sandilands - Thursday, September 8, 2-8pm

- The Ruby Hunt Centre, Donington, Friday, September 9, 2-8pm

- Stickney Village Hall, Saturday, September 10, noon-4.30pm

- Orby Village Hall, Wednesday, September 14, 2-8pm

- Helpringham Memorial Hall, Thursday, September 15, 2-8pm

- Alford Corn Exchange, Friday, September 16, 2-8pm

- Little Steeping Village Hall, Thursday, September 22, 2-8pm

- Partney, Dalby, and Dexthorpe Victory Hall, Monday, October 3, 2-8pm

- Hubberts Bridge Community Centre, Tuesday, October 4, 2-8pm

Mr Wood added: “Viking Link will help provide our country with a secure supply of affordable electricity and help us move towards more renewable and low carbon sources of energy but it means building new equipment. We want to work with local people to find the best location for this equipment and to minimize any impact on local communities.”

More information can be found on the project website: www.viking-link.com