Britain’s best and worst service stations named

Britain’s best and worst service stations named
Britain’s best and worst service stations named

Britain’s best and worst motorway service stations have been named by a new study of roadside amenities.

The study analysed the facilities at 112 service stations across the country and named Cobham services on the M25 as the UK’s best site.

At the opposite end of the scale, Todhills (south) was rated the worst in the country for its lack of facilities.

Restaurants to hotel rooms

The research by Northgate Vehicle Hire considered the number and quality of facilities at each location to come up with an overall rating. Restaurants, parking spaces, parking cost, bathroom facilities and hotels were all considered in creating the score.

Across the entire country, the average rating was 78.1 out of 100 but top-rated Cobham scored 97.28.

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It was praised for the number of its restaurants – 13, including a KFC, McDonalds and even Nando’s – its more than 4,000 parking spaces, and the standard of amenities, which even include a launderette.

Behind it on the list were Cherwell Valley, on the M40, and South Mimms, also on the M25, which scored 94.8 and 90.1 respectively.

UK's best service stations


Todhills services, on the M6 near Gretna, claimed the bottom two spots on the list. Both feature nothing more than a filling station with a small coffee shop. The north services ranked slightly higher (43.87 v 43.67) thanks to an extra 60 parking spaces.

Just above them Happendon, on the M74, scored 50.76 with just two food outlets and a lack of amenities such as a hotel, EV charging points, shower facilities or even wifi.

10 worst service stations

  1. Todhills (south), M6, (43.67)
  2. Todhills (north), M6, 43.87
  3. Happendon, M74, (50.76)
  4. Gloucester, M5, (55.87)
  5. Cullompton, M5, (59.96)
  6. Northampton, M1, 63.23
  7. Sandbach, M6, 63.24
  8. Pease Pottage, M23, 63.3
  9. Birch (east), M62, 63.71
  10. Tebay, M6, 67.97

Best motorway

Although two of the top three stations are on the M25, the study ranked the M11 as the best road for service stations, despite having just one. Birchanger Green’s 85 gave the M11 the top spot, while at the other end, the solitary Pease Pottage services on the 16-mile stretch of M23 condemned it to last place.

The research also rated the sites by brand, crowning Welcome Break the most consistently high performer, with an average of 82.35 across its stations.

Welcome Break was named the best overall operator. (Picture: Shutterstock)
Welcome Break was named the best overall operator. (Picture: Shutterstock)

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