How to de-ice a car: the weirdest techniques revealed, from pee to LPs

How to de-ice a car: the weirdest techniques revealed, from pee to LPs
How to de-ice a car: the weirdest techniques revealed, from pee to LPs

As the country remains in the grip of a cold snap and debate continues about the best way to de-ice your car, a new survey has revealed some of the most ridiculous methods people have used to clear their windscreens.

While using a proper ice scraper remains the most sensible way to do things, a poll of drivers has found that without a scraper some people will turn to everything from their own urine to knives.

Clearly foolish

Among the ten most common methods uncovered by the Insurethegap survey, were the obvious credit cards and gloved hands as well as brooms and dustpans and brushes.

10 most common alternatives to ice scraper

Credit card Hot water Hands with gloves Bare hands Dustpan and brush Broom Spatula CD Alcohol Cold/tepid water

Some foolishly thought that hot water was a sensible option – it’s not, the sudden change in temperature can shatter the glass – while a third turned to more unconventional means.

Among the most outrageous methods identified by drivers were those who said they urinated on frozen windows or locks, used a hairdryer or kitchen knife or even a vinyl record or block of wood.

Of course, the sensible approach is to find a scraper and follow our advice.

Painful mistakes

There’s no replacement for a proper ice scraper. Picture: Shutterstock

The survey also found some drivers had suffered unpleasant mishaps while trying to defrost their cars. As well as the predictable shattered windscreen from using boiling water, drivers reported scratching their paintwork, snapping credit cards and even getting their lips stuck to a frozen lock while trying to blow on it to warm it up.

To stay safe on the roads follow our tips for ensuring you and your car are ready and for keeping things under control once you’re motoring.

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