Grammar school rated ‘Good’ in majority of areas - but still requires improvement

Boston Grammar School has said it has been told it ‘still requires improvement’ following a recent Ofsted inspection but leaders have today (Thursday) said progress had been made and the school was rated ‘Good’ in areas.

The inspector’s final report is not out until the middle of April, however a statement issued by the school said the school’s ‘good’ leadership has been praised and that it had been rated ‘good’ in three out of the five major categories.

Boston Grammar School.

Boston Grammar School.

Despite this, the school remains graded as ‘requiring improvement’.

Inspectors are said to report that the school was ‘definitely heading in the right direction’ but ‘required more time to ensure that all the improvements are reflected in the students’ examination results’.

According to the school, the categories rated ‘Good’ are – ‘Leadership and Management’; ’16‐19 Study Programmes’ (Sixth form) and ‘Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare’.

Ofsted reportedly highlights the strong Leadership and Management with headteacher John McHenry praised as ‘highly ambitious for the school’ and having ‘the full support of the school community’

Staff morale is also said to be ‘high’.

The school quoted the report as saying: “The school is in a strong position to improve further. Senior leaders provide strong leadership. They have high expectations of all staff, and a sharp focus on improving outcomes.”

Headteacher John McHenry said: “We know from conversations and collaboration with County Advisors, National Leaders of Education and other heads of grammar schools rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, all of whom have visited BGS, that this is a good school.

“We are pleased that Ofsted confirmed we are heading in the right direction and we understand that the inspectors consider that we need to see another set of external exam results to validate this.

“Ideally this visit would have taken place post exams in September but we are very confident based on systematic internal evaluation that this will be the case.
“Our students continue to see success with many accepted for places at Oxbridge and Russell Group Universities, a reflection on the strength of the school.”

The school says it is in a positive mood over the inspection, with Mr McHenry adding: “We are pleased that the Ofsted inspectors have endorsed our approach and recognised the hard work of students, parents and staff.

“We will continue to deliver with determination, and based on our values of CARE – care, achievement, respect and excellence. With recent staff appointments in place adding to the already strong existing team, and with the support of our parents and students who were overwhelmingly positive in their feedback to Ofsted about our school we agree with the inspectors’ statement that ‘the school is in a strong position to improve further’ and look forward to delivering on this commitment.”

Chair of Governors Phillip Bosworth, said “We made the point that our results exceed national averages for boys on the Government’s preferred Progress 8 measure.

“Indeed, looking purely at boys’ results we outperform mixed Grammar schools currently rated outstanding. The Trustees have a vision and strategy not only to reacquire the Good rating we feel the school deserves at the earliest possible opportunity but to work with the senior leadership team to reach Outstanding to ensure the very best education for children in Boston.”