School league tables rank performance of Boston pupils

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The Government has released the latest school league table figures with Fishtoft Academy top of the class for the Boston area.

The school saw all of its pupils achieve a level four or above in reading, writing and maths - well above the new target of 65 per cent.

The figures relate to the SATs tests undertaken by year six pupils before they leave primary school.

Staniland Academy and Wyberton Primary School saw 93 per cent of its pupils get a level four in reading, writing and maths while Boston West Primary School saw 90 per cent of its children achieve that goal.

New Leake Primary School appears on the tables despite only having a cohort of seven pupils.

The tables say 14 per cent of its pupils achieved the target - which equates to one child.

Head teacher Rowena Thompson said: “I think it is most unfair with such a small cohort. The percentages are just meaningless.”

Percentage of pupils achieving a level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths

Fishtoft Academy 100%

Staniland Academy 93%

Wyberton Primary School 93%

Boston West Primary School 90%

Sibsey Free Primary School 88%

Donington Cowley Primary School 86%

Stickney Primary School 86%

Boston Tower Road Primary School 85%

Carlton Road Academy 85%

Wrangle Primary School 85%

Quadring Cowley and Brown’s Primary School 82%

St Thomas’ Primary School, Boston 81%

Boston St Mary’s Primary School 76%

Butterwick Pinchbeck Primary School 75%

Old Leake Primary School 75%

St Nicholas Primary School 75%

Gosberton Primary School 71%

Hawthorn Tree School 68%

Fourfields School, Sutterton 61%

Kirton Primary School 60%

Gipsey Bridge Primary School 57%

Park Primary School 53%

Frithville Primary School 50%

Swineshead St Mary’s Primary School 47%

New Leake Primary School 14%

Data is not supplied for other schools.

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