‘The club is a lifeline for parents’

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A parent of a child at John Fielding School says the after-school and holiday clubs are a ‘lifeline’ for parents andchildren.

Rachel Rollinson’s 16-year-old daughter Zoe has been enjoying the after-school clubs since the age of 11.

“It is a lifeline for a lot of the parents and if it stops it will affect all those children who benefit from it,” said Rachel.

“There are about 15 children who regularly attend at our school, from primary school age right up to secondary school. The club gives children a break from the norm - and it also gives parents and other siblings a break too.

“The sessions are specialised for the children’s needs and really help them to feel included in most activities. I don’t think it would work at all if they had to be incorporated into other after-school clubs, so where would they go?

“Children like somewhere that is familiar - it’s a good chance for them to socialise with their peers. My daughter has been going since the age of 11 and really enjoys it.”