‘Little hero’ Jaxon is helping promote premature births and raise money for neonatal units

Jaxon is approaching his first birthday, and is pictured here with his older brother Kian
Jaxon is approaching his first birthday, and is pictured here with his older brother Kian

A Skegness family are raising awareness surrounding premature births after their son stopped growing at 22-weeks-old.

They are also fundraising for a hospital where he was treated.

Gemma Adams, 28, and Chris Adams, 43, have three children, Josh, Kian, and Jaxon who is almost a year old.

Jaxon was due in February, 2016, but was born prematurely on October 30, 2015, after he stopped growing at 22 weeks.

There were complications during the pregnancy, and Gemma was taken to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital after her waters broke, but then transferred to Norfolk and Norwich Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Jaxon was born at 24 weeks, weighing just 1lb 2ozs. He spent three-and-a-half months in Norwich, then nearly one-and-a-half at Pilgrim Hospital.

Chris said: “He was the smallest baby born on record, and the first-ever Jaxon, at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital.”

At Christmas, Jaxon suffered from meningitis, sepsis and complete organ failure at the same time. Paying tribute to the fighting spirit and determination of his son, Chris said: “Everything that Jaxon does is against what people are expecting him to do. Everybody here knows him as their little hero.”

Gemma wants to raise awareness about premature birth. She said: “It can feel like you’re on your own,” but ‘there is support out there’.

When Jaxon came home from hospital for the first time, Chris said: “He had always relied on machines. It was scary as hell.”

Chris and Gemma would take it in turns watching over Jaxon at night, and this went on for four months. Chris described it as ‘absolutely tiring’.

Jaxon is approaching his first birthday, and now weighs 11lbs 7ozs, but is still wearing clothing for children aged 0-3 months.

Family friend Gill Parkes was doing a charity swim for a family holiday, but due to Jaxon’s health, the money will instead go to Pilgrim Hospital.

Chris said: “If it wasn’t for them sending Gemma to Norwich at the right time, we would have lost them both.”

Gemma said: “If it wasn’t for them, my son wouldn’t be here, and the support I had in special care after he got sent there from Norwich was just fantastic. I cannot thank them enough.”

Gill is swimming 5,000 metres at Fresh Fitness Skegness on a date to be arranged.

Gill spoke fondly of Jaxon and his strength.

She said: “Jaxon is truly a fighter and has done so well in his short life struggling daily. He always has a smile now which is infectious.”

To donate to Gill’s fundraising efforts, visit https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Gill-parkes1