Archives: Pupil suspended for haircut and police awarded for rescue

Nostalgia - from The Standard's archives
Nostalgia - from The Standard's archives

45 years ago... 1970: A Boston Grammar School pupil was suspended after he showed up to class with a skinhead haircut.

David Storr, of Tilney Avenue, Boston, had his hair cut shorter following a warning about long hair from the new head Mr P. F. Johnson.

“He thought I was taking the mickey out of his warnings about long hair,” said David. “But I wasn’t - I did it to win a bet with some other boys.”

The first his mother Mary Storr knew about it was when David came home from school on a Thursday with a letter from Mr Johnson.

“David had that haircut without me knowing beforehand. I don’t like it and I told him off when he came home looking like that. But I had to laugh after, because he looked so funny. That headmaster mustn’t have any sense of humour. I think it was quite wrong to suspend David from school. He’s a good scholar and he works hard at his lessons.”

The 15-year-old was allowed back to school the following Monday.

Young Boston couple in Mick and Carol Russell were left homeless after their caravan went up in flames at Witham Bank.

The pair were left with only a laundry load of clothes when their caravan was destroyed. The fire had been sparked by an electrical fault.

“By the time we got back from the laundrette the caravan was a smouldering ruin,” said Carol.

“After this scare I’m determined never to live in a caravan again.”

75 years ago... 1940

‘The Call To Our Young Men’ was the theadline of a column by The Standard on men being called to service during the Second World War.

An excerpt read: “What ever else the New Year may have in store for them, thousands of young men in Lincolnshire know that some time during the ensuing 12 months they will be called upon to place themselves at the disposal of the Government.”

The King’s Police Medal was awarded to Sgt J. R. Livock, of Boston Police, for his heroic double rescue from the River Haven.

Sgt Livock was on his way to an inquest when he saw a man and child struggling in the water.

Leonard Saunby, of South End, had entered the river to save five-year-old Brenda Dales who fell in.

The two were trapped between the wharf and a barge when Sgt Livock 
arrived. He climbed down into the water and kept them afloat until assistance arrived. He then helped them ashore.

He was given the award from the Royal Humane Society. Mr Saunby received a similar award for his