Assembly Rooms to bring flavour of ‘world’s best’ nightclubs to Boston

Assembly Rooms owner Matthew Clark.
Assembly Rooms owner Matthew Clark.

The town is gearing up for the grand reopening of the historic Assembly Rooms – which is to offer features inspired by the world’s best nightclubs.

Owner Matt Clark gave The Standard a sneak peek at the £1.25 million refurbishment, as work is underway to complete what is being billed as the town’s ‘premier venue’.

He said: “Boston may only be a small market town but we are delivering something on a scale that hasn’t been seen before and something the town desperatly needs. Hopefully this will be a venue strong enough to keep people in the town.”

Mr Clark said they are aiming for completion in two-three weeks, with plans for the grand opening night to include aerial dancers.

The venue will feature a grand main room, complete with £750,000 sound system, bar, dance floor, DJ booth, and a bar on a low stage. Above this will hang two huge, custom-made chandeliers – costing £12,000 a piece.

“All this is removable and totally modular so we can house pretty much any event in here – such as a ball,” he explained. “We are trying to retain as many original features as we can, such as the fireplaces and mirrors, but we will be redecorating.”

From the first floor, there will be a balcony with seating area overlooking the Haven.

The venue will include private rooms for hire, with separate bars and toilets, champagne tables, flatscreen televisions and games consoles. A second smaller bar will offer themed nights, such as R&B, northern soul, and retro nineties.

There is also a rustic VIP lounge area which Mr Clark said has a ‘New York loft-style’ with exposed brickwork.

Across from this room, past an open fire, punters will be able to access the ‘hidden garden’ on a roof terrace facing the Stump.

Mr Clark added: “Too many people rely on Facebook and Twitter nowadays – and I think they need to get back to socialising in person. We hope the Assembly Rooms will be the perfect venue for this.”