Fantasy Island re-opens doors for 2012 season

Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells.
Fantasy Island at Ingoldmells.

FANTASY Island’s fab rides and atttractions are set to re-open to the public this weekend after their winter break.

The massively popular fun-park, at Ingoldmells near Skegness, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

And it will re-open its rides this Saturday and Sunday (March 17 and 18) from 11am, to around 3pm or 4pm on each day, depending on visitor demand.

It will then re-open seven-days a week from March 24 for the 2012 season.

And with rides ranging from the gravity-defying rollercoasters The Odyssey and The Millennium, to the young kiddie-friendly Jellikins and Monkey Jump - there’s something for everyone.

The most iconic landmarks at the park are the silhouettes of the two massive rollercoasters and the vertical catapult the Volcano.

The Odyssey’s under-slung carriages reach heights of almost 170 feet and speeds of over 60mph on a 300 feet long track, while The Millennium hits 150 feet high and 56mph on its ciircuit around the park.

“Hold on tight as you soar through the sky at amazing heights, through a whirlwind of inversions at great speeds,” said a spokesperson.

“The Odyssey is a truly terrifiying experience and is not for the faint hearted!”

Other extreme rides include The Volcano, which catapults people 200 feet straight-up at 70mph, and The Amazing Confusion, which spins riders round while it loops through 360 degrees.

Inside the park’s building complex other rides include the Dragon Mountain, Seaquarium and ‘Balloon’ Rides, among many, many others.

The site also boasts a large market, full of bargains, arcades, go-kart track and a soft-play area.

But these are just a small selection of the attractions on offer. For more details go to

Entry to the park is free, but you will need to pay to use the rides.

All day wristbands allow you access to the rides as much as you want. This weekend they are free to under threes, just £5 for ages three to nine, and £10 per person for 10-years and above.

Prices fluctuate during the season, so if you are unsure about prices, visit the website for further details.

You can also pay for rides on an as-you-use them basis.

Extreme rides are £3.50, family rides are £2.50 and kids rides are £1.50.