From the archives: Band says ‘we are not The Beatles’

A new student beat band feared being classed as Boston’s Beatles – and were keen to work hard to develop their own original sound.

Called The Five Just Men, the group was made up of Boston Grammar School sixth formers Johnny Wilson, Huw Champion, David White, Nigel Holmes and Gerry Short.

“We are not trying to copy anyone,” said vocalist David White. “What we want to do is develop a style of our own.”

David and his friends had been playing on and off for a year but had only been ‘taking things seriously’ for three months – with bookings to play at local youth clubs.

The lads said they didn’t want to try to aim too high – mainly because they were limited due to their school work.

“It’s mainly young people of our own age that we plan to cater for,” added David.

Despite sometimes playing ‘She Loves You’ – the group said they had not fallen for The Beatles trend and had vowed to avoid floppy haircuts and ‘with it’ clothes.

l Sixteen boys and girls from secondary schools in the area offered themselves as ‘guinea pigs’ in an experiment which had attracted widespread attention from other counties.

The children had volunteered to take part as candidates in a new kind of examination so that their teachers who devised it could explore its possibilities and difficulties.

It was an exploratory examination in spoken English, arranged to take place at Kitwood Girls’ School in Boston.

The English Speaking Board was called in following a recommendation by senior English teachers in the county that a test in spoken English should be part of the English language examination for the propsed new certificate of Secondary Education.