Hooliganism at the Stump - Pages from the Past

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Hooliganism was causing problems at Boston’s most famous landmark – with reports of vandalism and ‘raucous’ behaviour at the Stump.

The minister for the church, Canon Peter Fluck said there were several problems facing the Stump – including graffiti, thefts and people urinating in the porch.

“We have had petty thefts and several instances of unseemly and raucous voices, which we shall continue to check as necessary,” said Canon Fluck.

There were also problems, he said, with the way that some people treated the grounds of the church.

“There is a continuing problem with incosiderate and illegal parking on the north side of the church – also part of the church yard – which seriously affects those who come for funerals and weddings.” He added: “It’s important that the churchyard, as consecrated ground, is treated with respect. Dog owners should not allow their dogs to foul the grass or pathways.”

l A Boston fireman collapsed from heat exhaustion while fighting a blaze at a concrete workshop and wooden shed in Frithville.

He was taken to Pilgrim Hospital but discharged soon afterwards after treatment.

l Army bomb disposal experts were called to explode a suspect device found on a farm in Kirton.

The object was discovered by aviation enthusiasts who were digging at Gill Bridge Farm for the remains oflenheim Bomber which crashed there during the Second World War. They established the crash site after unearthing a propellor and further digging revealed a two-footlong cylinder full of black liquid. The diggers became concerned and called in the army when the cylinder gave off an electric arc. The Army carried out a controlled explosion.