LOOKING BACK: How the 1926 General Strike affected us in Boston

In May 1926, Britain came to a near standstill amidst the National Strike. Here’s how the town press reported the effects here...

The railway premises are deserted, and trains are few and far between. Boston Dock stands idle, and industry in the town is more or less benumed.

The Boston Gas Light and Coke Company have succeeded in maintaining a good supply of gas, in the same way the Electric Light Company have monitored their supply of current.

Curiously, in the midst of the national trouble, the Boston Pleasure Fair has flourished.

The annual Beast Fair attracted a fair number of buyers, but all cattle and sheep had to be removed by road.

Above all, good humour has prevailed and a party of railway employees attended the police court to assure the Mayor of their loyalty to the town, and pledged themselves to keep the peace.