NOSTALGIA: This week in 1917, 1992, and a snapshot from 1982

Scene from the Remembrance Day Parade of 1982.
Scene from the Remembrance Day Parade of 1982.
  • Crowds gather in Boston in 1917 to see soldier honoured
  • Siblings’ attic disco to be on TV in 1992

This week in 1917 ...

* Large numbers gathered in Boston town centre to see a Boston soldier honoured for his actions at The Front.

The position was being shelled all the time and three rounds burst within 15 yards of him.

Bomr Ralph Eric Tooley, son of Mr J. H. Tooley, was presented with the Military Medal in front of a crowd outside Boston’s Assembly Rooms, plus ‘a number of ladies’ watching from the building’s balcony.

Brigadier-Major Henderson said Bomr Tooley was receiving the honour for his actions on July 29 of that year when his battery came under fire from 15cm shells.

“During the shelling, he (with two others) extinguished a fire caused by a direct hit on a gunpit,” he said. “Several rounds of ammunition in a pit exploded.

“Shortly afterwards a shell hit the officers’ dugout and buried 2nd Lieut Pritchard (killed).

“This NCO (non-commissioned officer) volunteered to help and dug for three-quarters of an hour until the body was out.

“The position was being shelled all the time and three rounds burst within 15 yards of him.

“A round which was blind fell very close to the party digging and would probably have injured them if it had exploded.”

This week in 1992 ...

* A brother and sister from Stickney who decided to hold a disco in their attic to raise money for BBC’s annual Children in Need campaign were to appear on TV sets across the UK.

Rebecca and David Gosling , of Horbling Lane, answered an appeal by the teenage magazine Fast Forward for readers to organise their own disco for the cause.

Rebecca, 11, and David, eight, started inviting their schoolfriends, while Mum and Dad, Beverley and Martin Gosling, cleared out and decorated the attic to hold the event.

Then, to their surprise, the siblings got a call from the BBC telling them their fundraiser had been chosen to appear on its appeal night TV show.

Forty invited friends would go on to be joined by a TV crew and two members of staff from Fast Forward magazine.

* A large hole, more than four foot deep in water, had swallowed up part of a Boston garden.

The development at the home of Mary Holland, of Red Lion Street, had come at the cost of her strawberry plants and was threatening to take up more of the yard.

The appearance of the hole had yet to be explained, but Mrs Holland thought it could be an old well shaft.