NOSTALGIA: This week in 1917 and 1967

Snow the pony settling into life at the New Inn, Boston, in 1967.
Snow the pony settling into life at the New Inn, Boston, in 1967.
  • Military Medal for First World War soldier
  • Lorry careers into to houses in 1967

This week in 1917 ...

- For gallant service at the front, Corpl J. Ward, of the 4th Lincolnshire Regiment, son of Mr Ward, of West Street, Boston, had received the Military Medal.

It related to an attack near Lens, in France, which saw Corpl Ward take command of his platoon after its sergeant was killed.

Corpl Ward was said to have ‘held a very firm grasp of a very critical situation’.

- ‘Intense’ lightning and ‘alarming crashes’ of thunder helped make for ‘one of the sharpest thunderstorms experienced in Boston for a long time’, as The Standard described it.

At least four houses were struck by lightning during the storm.

Three men on a farm at Boston West were also struck. All the men ‘recovered the following day’, the paper wrote.

- Novelties in the Boston area that week included a German gas helmet, on display in the window of Messrs W. W. Johnson and Son, in Market Place, and a ‘rare fish’ – a stingray – caught in the upper part of the Wash.

Of the stingray, the paper wrote: “The oil from the liver is very valuable, being a cure for wounds, etc.”

It weighted 40 1/2 lb and was 44 ins in length.

This week in 1967 ...

- ‘Lorry an unexpected caller’ was the headline after a goods vehicle careered through the gardens of 64 and 65 Horncastle Road, in Boston.

The vehicle, which was laden with crates, demolished the doors of the houses, smashed windows, and fractured a drainpipe.

No one was hurt in the crash.

The driver was treated for shock, but then released.

- Ex-circus star Snow the pony had a new home in the shape of the New Inn, Boston.

The eight-year-old was to take up residence in the stables at the back of the pub after being presented to 11-year-old Steven, the son of the publicans, Mr and Mrs W. Howe, by the ‘Donkey Derby King’ Mr C. E. Newton.

Snow was due to appear at public events in and around Boston in aid of charity.

- Young Stewart Haynes had come face to face with a host of big names as part of the World Jamboree Scout Camp in the USA.

The Boston Scout had met vice-president Hubert Humphrey, Lady Baden-Powell, astronaut Scott Carpenter, and film star James Stewart, during his time on the camp.

Activities he had enjoyed included archery, canoeing, and a visit to a rodeo.