NOSTALGIA: This week in 1962 and 1982 and a snapshot from 1997

Schoolchildren in Wyberton in 1997 during a day of learning dedicated to The Romans.
Schoolchildren in Wyberton in 1997 during a day of learning dedicated to The Romans.
  • Historic hotel set to close at end of 1962
  • Firefighters face explosive situation in 1982

This week (November 29 edition) in 1962 ...

* Part of Boston’s history was set to be confined to the past with the closure of a prominent town centre business.

The Standard announced, this week 55 years ago, Boston’s Peacock and Royal Hotel was to close for the final time.

The two-star, 30-bedroom hotel in Market Place would not see the New Year, the paper revealed, with its final day being December 31 of that year.

The hotel would go on to be demolished and today the site on which it stood is home to the building which houses Boots the chemist and the Cancer Research UK charity shop.

* While an end of an era was looming for Boston’s Market Place, was another one about to begin at one of the town’s schools?

Boston Grammar School was set to get its own swimming pool by the end of the following year, it had been announced.

Chairman of the school governors Mr W. L. Alexander said: “We no longer consider a pool as a luxury.

“We read today in the papers of the alarming number of boys who are drowned because they can’t swim – and it is remarkable how many young people are unable to swim.”

This week in 1982 ...

* Firefighters were put at risk of explosive materials when they tackled a major fire in the Boston.

A steel-clad workshop and its engineering equipment were destroyed when the blaze broke out at Snowflake Woodshaving Co on Boston’s Marsh Lane Industrial Estate.

Twenty firemen faced an explosion risk when they moved hot oxyacetylene cylinders from the building.

* Boston’s 14-year-old swimming star John Revell, of Cherry Walk, received the ultimate accolade when he was selected for the England youth squad.

The Kitwood Boys’ School pupil made his international debut against Sweden and France after impressing national selectors by becoming the fastest freestyler in the Midland District over 100m, 200m and 400m.

The multi-county, regional and Midlands champion at all age groups and men’s events had also been named Boston’s junior sports personality at the age of 12.

* Pupils at Gosberton Primary School had been learning ‘safe cycling’ in a practical way ... by stripping down and repairing faulty bicycles.

Some of the bicycles, when repaired, were to be sold in aid of school funds, The Standard reported.