NOSTALGIA: This week in 1977 and 1997

  • Princess Anne officially opens Pilgrim Hospital
  • A dozen or more gliders come down at Boston village

This week in 1977 ...

- Boston received its first senior Royal visitor of the century.

This plaque will record for many people for a long time to come the happy day they spent with you.

Thousands of people turned out to welcome Princess Anne to the town. Everywhere she went she was greeted with cheering and clapping and a host of Union flags.

The Princess was in town to formally open Pilgrim Hospital, but she also dropped into Central Park to plant a tree commemorating her visit.

Throughout the £8 million hospital, she stopped to talk to dozens of people and received several small gifts from patients – including some baby bootees for her first child expected in November.

The Princess arrived in Boston via helicopter, landing in the grounds of Boston High School where she was greeted by cheering pupils – though not those who, unfortunately, were busy inside the school taking exams in Greek, cookery, and German.

She would leave again by helicopter from Central Park, having attracted huge crowds.

On unveiling a commemorative plaque at the Pilgrim, Sir Sydney King, chairman of the Trent Regional Health Authority, told the Princess: “This plaque will record for many people for a long time to come the happy day they spent with you.”

This week in 1997 ...

Villagers in Bicker were fascinated by the sight of a dozen or more gliders making a bumpy landing in fields in and around the village.

It was understood weather conditions had led to the aircraft coming down.

It was believed the pilots – from Syston, in Leicestershire – were unhurt and no damage was done.

- A free £1,500 Viglen Pentel computer was on its way to a school in Boston thanks to generous staff at a town supermarket.

For months, Hawthorn Tree Primary School had been collecting vouchers for the piece of kit in a promotion run by Asda.

The school came agonisingly close to 3,500 vouchers needed for the computer, falling 53 short. However, a whip-round among staff at Asda produced the amount needed to get the school over the finishing line.

- Boston Borough Council hoped a new officer would help the authority to protect the environment for future generations.

A decision had been made to appoint a representative to the council who would look at ways of promoting sustainable development to lessen the impact of council services on the environment.