NOSTALGIA: When load of Teletubbies went bye-bye

Teletubbies Hijacked on way to Oldrids. Pic is of security guard Ian Thompson holding the toys.
Teletubbies Hijacked on way to Oldrids. Pic is of security guard Ian Thompson holding the toys.

15 years ago... Oldrids department store had to install hi-tech security when half of a 48 piece shipment of Tellytubby toys was hijacked en route to the store.

Staff discovered that Po and co had gone missing after opening their latest consignment of the children’s favourites.

The Standard was led, under armed escort, to a secret hideaway for the toys, of which there were plenty of La-Las and Pos but no Dipsys or Tinkywinkys.

To avoid a mad scramble by desperate parents, the store organised a charity draw for the right to buy the toys.

○ Boston was sent into chaos when an elaborate ‘bomb’ hoax meant roads closed and businesses were left at a standstill.

People were evacuated from homes and firms in Nelson Way industrial estate when a suspect package was found at the Boston squadron ATC base.

A police officer later said the package looked very much like a bomb but turned out to be a hoax. It was destroyed by a controlled explosion.

45 years ago... A 30-foot road ‘trough’ was being built between Boston and Sibsey to keep the ‘plague’ -an outbreak of foot and mouth disease - at bay.

The road was excavated to a depth of one foot and disinfectant was poured into it rather than using straw which was prone to being dispersed by passing vehicles.

The trough was to be a permanent and would be filled with asphalt once finished with so it could be dug out again in future epidemics.

○ A house-tame guinea-fowl was causing a flutter after he survived out of a total of 12 eggs.

Owned by Laura Short of the Pet Shop, Donington.Oliver was the last of the litter. Six of his siblings had been killed by a chicken which was supposed to care for them and another five had refused to eat.

Oliver though asked for more and had hobbies including watching television and eating budgie food.

○ The Stump was to be lit for Christmas after RAF Coningsby came to the rescue.