RECENT NOSTALGIA: Co-op’s fancy dress charity walk

Fundraising in Kirton in 2007.
Fundraising in Kirton in 2007.

A motley crew of sumo wrestlers, pirates, overgrown school children, clowns and teddy bears took part in a lengthy charity walk from Kirton to Boston and back 10 years ago.

Underneath the fancy dress were the familiar faces of Kirton’s Co-op store staff, who had been raising money for The Children’s Society.

Eight staff members plus three youngsters made the round trip up to their sister store in Boston and back again, stopping only for refreshments at a local pub.

The sponsored walk took most of the day – but after totting up the amounts raised at this and a number of other charity events the Co-op staff are confident they have now exceeded their £1,000 fundraising target.