RECENT NOSTALGIA: Playgroup’s recycling fundraiser

Frampton Community Playgroup in 2007.
Frampton Community Playgroup in 2007.

Ten years ago this week The Standard reported on how Frampton Community Playgroup had been collecting old mobile phones and used printer cartridges to raise funds for its operation.

Each item was exchanged for a small amount of money by Boston’s Recycling Factory, from where it was processed for future use.

Rachel Henson, the chairman of the committee-run playgroup, said: “We are extremely pleased with how this project is progressing and overjoyed that, at the same time as raising funds, we can teach children how easy it is to recycle and the importance it has to our environment for the future.”

An estimated 380 printer cartridges and 20 mobile phones had been collected from parents and businesses in the area.

Mrs Henson explained: “I just wrote some letters. The businesses get through so many printer cartridges and were happy to help.”