Siblings stage charity garden concert - Pages from the Past

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1978: Six young siblings from the Ayton family of Freiston Road, Boston, rehearsed and held a concert party in their garden to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

They managed to attract an audience of local families. Pictured is Vicky, Kim, Troy, Tracey, Tina and Joanna with the profit from their show.

Six farmworkers had a narrow escape when a barn they were working in went up in flames.

The men, who were working at Turners Farm, Thornton-le-Fen, had to literally run for their lives as flames engulfed and destoyed half of the barn and its contents of hay and straw and an elevator.

“One chap had taken off his jumper while he was at work and he didn’t even have time to grab that,” said farm foreman Harry Lilley.

Firemen were on scene for eight hours battling the blaze, which was thoguht to have been caused by a sprak from the elevator.

Two unwanted kittens taken in by Donington woman Jean Linger, were hgiven special treatment by her two dogs who acted as surrogate mothers.

Dobermann Jackie and Yorkshire terrier Mitzi had both suffered phantom pregnancies shortly before and took to the young cats, letting them suckle for milk.

1968: Toddler Christopher Reed saw the blue lights and sirens of ambulance and firemen after he got his arm sruck in a gumball machine in Boston.

The youngster, son of A. P. Reed, of King Street, went with his elder brother to the local gumball machine who put a penny in and began to turn the handle which frees balls of bubblegum. But young Christopher became impatient and thrust his hand into the machine, where it got stuck. He was freed and taken to hospital with a broken finger.

A bizarre case of a chicken with an identity crisis was told at Benington when a hen was found to have built a nest - in a tree!

Keeper Mr F. Hardy said: “Never before have I seen a chicken nesting in a tree. No-one knew about it until we discovered eggs under the tree. They had been rolling out the bottom of the nest so I put some wire under it to prevent them falling through.”

The bird has laid 50 eggs in her feather-lined nest.