Stories from out archives: UFOS and showbiz dogs

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1968: Villagers in Wyberton reported seeing unusual lights in the sky on the same night people from all over the UK saw UFOs in the sky.

The Wyberton residents described the unusual objects seen in the sky as ‘balls of fire’.

However, the Royal Greenwich Observatory claimed that what people actually saw on that evening was more than likely the remains of the latest Russian rocket re-entering the atmosphere and burning up.

Two teenagers who absconded from North Sea Camp open prison in Freiston Shore stole a Stickford man’s car before travelling to Leicester and London.

To make their journey, the two 18-year-olds took a total of 11 vehicles without their owners’ consent, before giving themselves up four days later.

1978: A Donington man who rescued two people from the River Witham in two separate incidents 12 hours apart received a bravery award.

Douglas Hern, 42, was given a Royal Human Society bravery award.

Mr Hern resced a 77-year-old Boston man from drowning. The man subsequently died in hospital.

This rescue came only 12 hours after Mr Hern had pulled a well-known local carpet dealer from the water back onto his boat aftewr the man has slipped into the water.

An old folks’ home in Boston was hit by an infestation of rats.

Skirbeck Court old people’s home was evacuated for health reasons with its 39 elderly residents taken to other homes in the area.

There were huge queues at local bakeries in the Boston area after staff at national bakery chains began strike action.

Small, independent bakers stepped up production - with some trebling their output to meet massive demand as customers swamped them.

The national chains account for 70 per cent of all bread sales, leaving local bakers working around the clock to produce enough.

Regular customers at R. Elvidge’s in London Road complained at being faced with queues to buy their daily loaf.

1988: Former Boston man Len Medlock made an ‘amazing gesture’ when he announced he was to give £1,000,000 to boost the area he grew up in.

Businessman Mr Medlock was born in Ingelow Avenue and offered the money to help the area he remembered fondly from his childhood.

He said he wanted the council to build another old people’s unit there.

PICTURE: Children and their pets at Kirton library met with local vet Steve Elwood to ask questions about animal care as part of the library’s ‘bring a pet and meet a vet’ day.

The youngsters pets ranged from hamsters and canaries to kittens.

Steve gave them advice on how to look after their pets properly, how to feed them and how to house them.

Librarian Joan Lawrence said: “They were very interested in what he said. I think we will make this an annul event.”

1998: A dog plucked from the streets to star in a Boston theatre production was on the verge of a new canine career in showbiz.

Sherman the English bull terrier was such a success on stage with Boston Operatic Society’s production of Oliver that his owners began to think he could be a four-legged star of the future.

Show director Pat Whittle spotted Sherman’s likeness to Bill Syke’s dog in the hit musical and stopped his owner Roger Bassett to ask if he could be cast in the role.

“He was absolutely perfect.” said Pat, who wasn’t originally planning to have a dog in the production as he thought it would be too difficult to find a well-behaved dog for the part.

The 10-month old dog wasn’t fazed by all the attention he got from children at the shows and even songs and loud bangs didn’t faze him.

His owners, who nicknamed him ‘Fatty’ were wondering if this stint on stage was the start of a ‘career’ in showbiz for their pet.

A new initiative to encourage parents of schoolchildren to fight against drugs was launched by Boston Police.

Officers had a box of 21 different types of imitation drugs which they were to take around the public so people could recognise the symptoms and what substances look like.