Superstitious sisters kept faith with Lottery numbers and won £56k each

Donna Taylor and Tina Thayne, who have won �56,520 each. DJ
Donna Taylor and Tina Thayne, who have won �56,520 each. DJ

Superstitious sisters Tina Thayne and Donna Taylor kept faith with their usual Lottery numbers – and were rewarded with £56,520 apiece.

The sisters chose the numbers about 20 years ago, when they formed a family ‘syndicate’ with their then-partners, using a mini-bingo machine that Tina and her daughters had – they were 03, 25, 33, 36, 42 and the bonus ball 14.

When this ended, the sisters kept entering those same numbers for themselves and didn’t change due to superstition fearing that if they changed them they would come up.

Donna, 51, woke up that morning and checked the numbers on Teletext and found she had five numbers and called Tina, 53, knowing she often bought a ticket with the same line – one chosen by the pair 20 years ago by a mini-bingo machine.

Donna said she first thought she had four numbers which would have won her £1,500.

She said: “I was shaking, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I’ve just got four numbers. My husband said that’s £1,500 and then I realised I’d got the bonus ball.”

Tina was also surprised to find the numbers had come up - especially since she had watched the draw live with granddaughter Ruby before watching Casualty.

She said: “I watched the first two numbers come up. I just didn’t think they were on the same line.

“I knew we’d got them somewhere but thought they were on different lines. We didn’t check the ticket, we just carried on watching.”

When the pair found out, they called Camelot together and found another line had added £25 to their prize fund.

The pair are considering how to spend their winnings.

Donna, who has two daughters, a grandson and one on the way, had already booked a holiday before winning, and is taking her time over her plans.

Tina, who has two daughters and a son, two step-daughters and eight grandchildren, has just bought a new house and says some of the money will be used for renovations.

They are both planning to have a family party once Donna returns.